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Summary to obtain residence permit in Latvia:


1.Purchasing real property


The price of the real property must be EUR 250 000 at least, while the cadastral value thereof as of the date of purchase must be at least 80 000 EUR. In case the cadastral value is below 80 thousand, this shall require an assessment provided by a certified appraiser.

Apart from that, a one-time duty of 5% of the amount of the purchase (the price of the real property) is payable into the state budget.


2.Bank deposit


A subordinated bank deposit of at least EUR 280 000 must be placed for a period of 5 years.

Apart from that, a one-time duty of EUR 25 000 is payable into the state budget.


3.Position of a member of a company’s Board


One-time service costs EUR 2 500.

The company must pay a total of at least EUR 40 000 of taxes into the state budget annually.


4.Investment into the fixed capital of a company registered in the Republic of Latvia


Beginning with EUR 35 000, one-time process administration costs are EUR 2 500; the company must pay a total of at least EUR 40 000 of taxes into the state budget annually.

Beginning with EUR 150 000, one-time process administration costs are EUR 5 000.


Benefits that come along with EU residence permit in the Republic of Latvia:


Freedom of travel around the Schengen Area.

Facilitated procedure of obtaining a visa to the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

The right to travel and reside freely in the Schengen Area, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.

The right to acquire and register a vehicle within the territory of Latvia, travel around the entire Schengen Area without paying any customs duties.

Obtain a Latvian driver’s licence, which is valid in all Member States of the European Union.

Permission to work in Latvia, without the right to work in other countries of the Schengen Area

Entitlement to the entire scope of social safeguard equal to that for citizens of Latvia (maternity allowance, pension in Latvia, free social healthcare, etc.)

A permanent residence permit in the European Union may be obtained in 5 years

In 10 years, the bearer may apply for Latvian citizenship (naturalize), which facilitates the process of obtaining a visa for travelling to Canada, the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.




We offer various top class companies that pays at least 40 000 EUR in taxes annualy. Purchase up to 5% shares of the company in amount of 70`000,- EUR  (all expenses included) and obtain a residence permit in the European Union, which is valid for 5 years (prolongation option available) and enables the bearer to reside and travel freely in the entire Schengen Area.

There are no other expenses whatsoever.


Benefits of our proposal:

1.No need to invest considerable funds.

2.Investment transfer secured by the escrow account.

3.No additional expenses for prolongation process annually.

4.No additional costs, including the absence of the need to pay annual corporate taxes of EUR 40 000.

5.No management and bookkeeping costs.

6.No risk of real property depreciation.

7.All members of the bearer’s family including children under the age of 18, are granted a residence permit as well.

8.The residence permit is issued within a period of 30 days.


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