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The founding mission behind the BalticLaw Office (BLO) was to establish a network linking individual member law firms with the aim to meet the increasingly complex and varied needs of clients throughout the Nordic and Baltic Countries, Russia and Ukraine.
BLO offers a powerful combination of local and international expertise throughout their regions.
BLO represents and consults on issues related to commercial, corporate, intellectual property, e-business,financing,property development and project law, insurance, and other fields of business law, including litigation.



Baltic Law Offices (BLO) create the conditions for more effective services of legal assistance and form a strong base for legal services to businesses in the Baltic and Eastern regions. BLO is able to provide services on a national and an international scale. This is essential as Western and Eastern countries acknowledge one another as all being an inseparable part of international business.

Vision. BLO form one of the largest networks of legal services in the region and endeavor to reach the status of being the leading expert in Eastern Europe and Russia. Common and professional norms and ethics for the best results, a high quality of business law services, and the appropriate representation of clients in any country of the region, is an integral component of BLO.

Consistency. Clients appreciate the consistent attitude of the BLO lawyers in everyday work and development. A uniform standard of services, in conjunction with local and international experience and professional knowledge, is valid in all BLO offices. Our reputation and status can be attested through our increased involvement as legal advisors which has concomitantly resulted in further investor attention to the region and the economic development of the Baltic States and Russia. 

Values. As the experts in the field of business law, BLO deliver thorough and precise advice, and represent their clients in any field of business law. Continually increasing and updating our knowledge in the field of business law, BLO occupies, in the region, the position of expert in intellectual property, information technologies, company law and insurance.

Effectiveness. BLO, in all the individual countries of the region, co-operate effectively in the field of business law, and have developed relationships with all the legal institutions, enterprises and their alliances. Clients gain a distinct advantage for their businesses as a result of the competent, prompt, and responsible legal assistance supplied by the BLO regarding the laws and legal practices of the region.